Aaron Wissner (valuesystem) wrote,
Aaron Wissner

The Failure of Almost

Almost everyone has a device.

Almost everyone has Internet access.

Almost everyone can afford to attend.

One might say, "Don't let perfect be the enemy of almost."

After all...

If almost everyone could eat lunch, that would be enough.

If almost all the rural kids were provided busing, that would be okay.

If almost all the kids had pencils for the test, at least most could do it.

If the teacher helped almost all the students to learn to read, at least those were helped.

If almost all the students were scheduled Language Arts this year, then maybe the rest could double up next year.

If very few experience bullying, then it is almost non-existant.

There are some places where "almost", "most", and "few" are not sufficient, acceptable, or ethical.

Schools are one of these places.
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