January 25th, 2014

nature, rainbow, journey, road

Original Story - The Brothers

Once upon a time, a long time ago, in a place very much like this place in that it was indeed the same place; but, of course, a very long time ago; lived two brothers.

The brothers were the best of friends. They loved to play together and to help each other.

One day, the brothers played in the snow. The snow chilled them because of very cold polar air. They decided to find a way out of the cold, but to still stay inside. They would build a fort.

The boys got a shovel and began to pile the snow very high. As one would through on a scoop, the other would pack it down. In this way, they built up a tall pile that was well packed.

Then, they pushed dug into the pile. They dug on the bottom side, a little at a time, until a small cave formed. While too small for them, they continued digging, and using the removed snow to make the pile even higher.

Little by little, the pile grew taller, and the cave grew deeper. Soon, one of them could fit entirely into the cave. Later still, they both fit into the cave. They packed and smoothed the cave from the inside, to make sure that it was good enough to crawl into and to play around.
nature, rainbow, journey, road

Configuring Updates: Stage 3 of 3 - infinite loop or stuck or freezes or won't boot

Today, I installed a wireless network card in my computer. This is the first time it has had network access in a year or more. The computer is used almost exclusively for editing video.

After the wireless network card was working, I installed a second video card. And after that, a USB3 card.

Before I had a chance to test out the USB3 card, and see that it had the best driver installed, my computer came up with this message, and would only go into a reboot loop: Configuring Updates: Stage 3 of 3.

My operating system is Windows Vista 64 bit.

After attempting many things, including removing all of the cards, unplugging a second hard drive, trying to do a system repair point, booting from a Windows Vista disk, pressing F2 and F12 at startup, etc. I finally searched the Internet and found that the offending file was pending.xml and just renaming it would allow the system to boot completely. Here are the links: