Aaron Wissner (valuesystem) wrote,
Aaron Wissner

To Future Aaron

I'm sitting in front of my newish 4k UHD tv, muted, waiting for the New Hampshire Republican Presidential debate to begin.

First off, I feel a bit sad that I'm not one of the candidates, that I'm not on stage either for this debate, or for a different debate. The fact that Marco Rubio is a year younger than me, and could, theoretically be elected President, well it makes me feel like I've not accomplished all that much in my life... I mean teaching is valued, but it is not really something for me... It is for income and security, but it does not really seem valuable or that I'm making a unique contribution that only I can make... There would be someone to replace me in that job if and when I leave that one.

I'm also a bit blue because I didn't have my calendar all up to date, so Kimberly planned to go to Chicago to visit my sister for a long weekend, and I didn't feel comfortable planning to go to the Track and Field conference in Lansing. Now, I don't know that I would have learned that much more there, but it would have been motivating and inspiring and a good team opportunity with my assistant coach (Mike) and partner female team coach (Jen). *sigh*

I'm also a little bit blue because I don't seem to be able to... I haven't really effectively encouraged my sons to love skiing... or to listen to my about skiing... so tomorrow, I hope at least they will have fun, but I'm concerned that they might not be happy, or win medals, of course I'd like to see them both in first place, but they don't practice as much as the other kids, and don't have nearly as many hours on the slopes.

I'm listening to Die Young by Kesha, to which I like the tune, but it also reminds me of fun time dancing, and why I don't go dancing at the moment (due to concerns about the healthy of my wife).

Now, the ...

Next Day, 7:03 p.m.

Some blue today as well, my first son, I've not been as effective of a coach / fan / supporter as I had hoped, or something. I dream of him being the best skier, finishing, you know, on the podium, with the medal or trophy, but he thinks of skiing, and racing, as a bit of a chore, I think. He says he skis parallel, but most of the time during free skiing, he does wedge, at least part of a wedge. So, we had a chat in the car about how the best racers always practice doing it the right way, even during the free runs.

Of course, there are lots of things that could add up to why he doesn't place in the very top. For example:

* Better gear - newer skis, better boots, speed suits, waxing and sharpening, better poles, guards, etc.
* More practice - we only practice with real practice, at most, 4 hours per week, which might be half or a third of what other kids practice

I often imagine living at or near a ski area and then he could ski constantly; or all the kids in the Rockies that live right there at a ski area, and that we could just go out and go skiing every day, and racing every day, and having fun on the slopes every day.

I'm curious, of his competitors, what do they do differently? Am I right, more practice, more gear, but also the positive, can do attitude as well, and that's what I should be able to instill in him, and I don't think I've done that very effectively, so that makes me feel a bit blue.

* More skiing next year, before winter break, Caberfae, Crystal Mountain
* eBay / Craigslist - speedsuit
* encourage wife to participate in skiing
* plan out-west ski vacation to mountains
* run a ski club at Page, even if I don't get anything out of it, Michael would meet kids that like to ski
* work on finding
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