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QuiBids & Penny Auction Sites [Jan. 6th, 2014|05:59 pm]
Aaron Wissner
Ponzi scheme, gambling addiction, the thrill of getting something for less than it costs.

I was just looking over a web site called QuiBids which claims that people have "won" iPads and other items for up to 90% off the retail price. These are new items.

Of course, this sounded fishy, as did the lack of details on the website's home page.

So, I looked into it a bit and found the following articles and feedback:







Tags: quibids, madbid, beezid,



Final conclusion: Avoid. 1. It takes a lot of time. 2. You will spend money. 3. You will probably spend more than via eBay or Amazon. 4. You will probably feel like you've been cheated when you play. 5. If you win, you might play more, and lose even more. 6. Do something else. :-)